Should I Keep Old Tenancy Agreements

If you`re a landlord, you`ve probably accumulated quite a few tenancy agreements over the years. As time goes on, you may be wondering whether you should keep all these old agreements or if it`s finally time to discard them.

The short answer is: it depends.

On one hand, there`s no legal requirement for you to keep old tenancy agreements. In most cases, you only need to keep records of relevant information such as rent payments and deposits. However, if any disputes arise with former tenants, having access to old agreements may be helpful in resolving issues.

Additionally, keeping old agreements may be useful for future reference. If you ever need to make changes to your current tenancy agreements, you can refer back to old ones for inspiration or to ensure that you`re not forgetting any important clauses.

That being said, it`s important to be selective about which agreements you keep. You don`t need to hold onto every single agreement you`ve ever created. Instead, consider getting rid of agreements that are no longer relevant or necessary.

It`s also important to make sure that you`re storing these agreements securely. In the digital age, it`s easy to save agreements on your computer or cloud storage. Just make sure you`re using a secure method, such as encrypted files or a password-protected folder.

In conclusion, while there`s no legal requirement to keep old tenancy agreements, it may be helpful to hold onto them for reference and future use. Just be selective about which agreements you keep and make sure they`re stored securely.

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